rvaMORE – is Thankful!

rvaMORE had so much to be thankful for. First and foremost are our volunteers. We could not have done this without everyone’s hard work!! Thank you!

Here are the top ten things rvaMORE did in 2014.

  1. Trailicious:

Over 250 attended the event held at the Carillon last February. We had beer, food raffles and a band. It was a great time for the community to get together and talk bikes. We raised over $4,000 at that event.

  1. Canycom for Friends Pocahontas State Park

A REI Grant of $5,000 went to the $6,000 cost for a new Canycom walk-behind, tracked dump/material carrier. This is force multiplier for the Friends of Pocahontas that make volunteer days much more productive.

  1. Trail works: Reedy Creek Bridge, Re-route at Scout Camp, Prunapalooza, & Scout Camp trail fest.

This summer we had a big gully washer that finally pushed the bridge over the south end of the park downstream. A big crew removed the old bridge over several weeks, and a new reroute was formed. We also had a great crew (over 30) come out and prune all the sight lines. In January a large re-route was created at the Scout camp taking out a washed out section and the recent Trail Fest reroute.

  1. IMBA Trail Care Crew

Last spring rvaMORE hosted the IMBA Trail Care Crew. They taught a trail building class at Pocahontas helping to create more trail bosses. They also spoke to community leaders to help them understand the financial impact mountain biking can create for a city. rvaMORE helped make this happen by contributing $2,500 to hold the meetings.

  1. Tour de Fall Line

This September, rvaMORE held the first annual Tour de Fall Line. We had over 150 riders and boaters ride/paddle along the James and attend the after party. The ride offered 14, 28, and 50 mile loops that connected parks from Chimbarazo all the way to Larus Park. The boaters helped raise money for JROC, as the group paddled the full fall line of the James River. At the finish on Mayo Island waited Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, Sierra Nevada Beer, and music by Josh Small and Andrew Ali . This event raised $6,000.

  1. Bell Built Grant

RVA stepped up and gave us the overwhelming win with the most votes of all three regions. The grant brought $33,000 to build trails at Pocahontas. They are out there finishing the work as this is being written. The Bell Built Trail will be ready to ride early December. Stay tuned.

  1. Ride Center Website

rvaMORE has been on the for front making Richmond the best urban trails in America and part of that is to become an IMBA Ride Center. The project to add 20 miles of mountain bike trails at Pocahontas is the first step in attaining that status. rvaMORE funded the website development along with a matching grant from Virginia Tourism. Check out the proposed trails here: www.rvaridecenter.com

  1. Tools

We spend over $2,000 to update the tool cache with the latest hard-working tools from Rogue Hoe and new sickle bar trimmers. The current cache can supply a crew over 30 volunteers to build new or repair the existing trail. The sickle bar trimmers will be vital in creating the Hidden Link trail that will connect The tower at the Eastern end of Buttermilk to the floodwall walk.

  1. IMBA Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day

IMBA Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day held on Belle Isle is best told by this video.

  1. Ride Center – Donations

rvaMORE has raised this year and placed in the Ride Center fund $8,000

We are looking for help to fill the following open positions. Please send an email to info@rvamore.org to let us know how you are able to help.

  1. Trail Liaisons
  2. Ride leaders
  3. Social leaders
  4. Volunteer Coordinator
  5. Online media support

North Bank Trail Work


If you’ve ridden North Bank over the past few weeks, you’ve seen some new rock – if you haven’t, check out the Richmond.com article on the project

This Saturday, we’ll be at it again.  We have about 40 feet of trail armored and are over halfway done.  But we need your help.  Even if you can only spare an hour, every little bit helps.  We have all the tools for moving rock and digging them into place, all you need to bring is some water, maybe a snack and you energy.  Consider stopping by mid ride for a little cross training.

Park at the back of Mt. Calvary Cemetery – enter off of Colorado Ave. and head straight back. We’ll be working from 9am until about 1pm.

North Bank Trail Work

The North Bank hill armoring project is moving along.  Last week we armored 15-20 feet of trail and staged some additional rock for this weekend.

This Saturday, November 15th, we’ll be at it again.  We’ll have the zip line running to stage more rock and we hope to have a couple of crews armoring the trail.

We’ll be working from 9am until 1 or 2 pm.  Please consider stopping by before, during or after your ride and lend us a hand for an hour or two.  In the event of rain, check our Facebook Page for updates.

Meet at the back of Mt. Calvary Cemetery – enter off of Colorado Ave. and head straight back

Pocahontas Trail Work

This Saturday, October, 25th, Friends of Pocahontas and RVA MORE are finishing the first of the new trails on the North side of the Park.  

Volunteer to Work on Trails - we still need 15 or so volunteers to round out our crew for work on the new trails on Saturday morning at 9:00.  We’ll be putting the finishing touches on a newly cut trail designed to meet the needs of paralyzed veterans and other disabled riders.  There’s no better feeling in the world than finishing and then testing out a new trail section – (which is still closed to the public).  

More details here: RRRC Trail Work on Meetup.com

Trail Work – Forest Hill Park

This Saturday, October 18th, we have a small project that we’ll be working on in Forest Hill Park.  The hill near lake with the bermed switchback on the east side of the park needs to be rebenched and the grade reversals need some cleanup so that they better shed water off of the trail.

To reach the worksite, enter Forest Hill Park at the Reedy Creek entrance on Riverside Drive.  Follow the gravel road up along Reedy Creek and you’ll see us shortly before reaching the lake.

We’ll get started at 9am and with enough people be done by lunch.  We have the tools, so just bring your work clothes, gloves and some water.

Floodwall Closure

We have been informed that the Floodwall walkway under the Manchester Bridge on the south side of the river is closed for construction due to a DPW/DPU project that involves painting, concrete repair and water line rehabilitation. The area directly under the bridge is being used by the contractors and is dangerous to pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. and is closed from the hours of 6am – 6pm daily.

The map below outlines the approximate closure area and shows an on road/sidewalk alternative for access the Mayo Bridge and Ancarrow’s Landing Trails.

We have not been told how long this closure will last, but will keep everyone up to date with any new information that we get.

Women’s Cycling Summit

RideRichmond will host the inaugural Richmond Women’s Cycling Summit on Thursday, October 23, 2014, at the Virginia War Memorial, Freedom Hall at 7:00pm. The goal of the summit is to empower women to ride bicycles and participate in their communities as riders and leaders, as well as bring the nationwide momentum of more women cyclists to Richmond. The event is co-sponsored by Richmond Area Bicycling Association (RABA) and Virginia Bicycling Federation (VBF).

The agenda will include a moderated discussion to ask questions, solicit support, pose ideas, and start a conversation on encouraging and empowering women cyclists in the Richmond area. This opportunity is for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and celebrate bicycling, discuss issues that are relevant and important to female cyclists, and provide hands-on opportunities for women to gain knowledge and confidence riding throughout the city and their communities. All are welcome.

October Trail News

Trail Work

October 11th in Forest Hill Park

JRPS Trail Work season is beginning.  This year we’ll be starting out in Forest Hill Park with a few small trail repairs, moving on to North Bank and then onto building some new trail!

Our first trail work date is October 11th in Forest Hill Park.  Meet at the dam across the lake at 9am (look for the city truck) and we’ll walk to the work site from there.  Parking will be limited on the west side of the park due to the farmer’s market in the morning – Reedy Creek area may be your best option. We’ll be be working on the final part of the re-routes we did last year on the east side of the park.  We’ll provide the tools, all you have to bring is water, gloves and energy.

Take a Kid MTB Day

“Hey all! Thank you, thank you, thank you for a great “Take Your Kid Mountain Biking” event on Saturday. My daughter LOVED it. Anxiety ridden at first, but in the end, wanted more  She is beyond stoked and said she wants to grows up and “be an expert” like the volunteer Sue who was there on Saturday helping her.” About 4 years ago RVA MORE had a vision to build a skills area to have an area where kids and families can learn to ride off-road. Holding this type of an event on Belle Isle is so much fun to see the kids learn how to really ride a bike.  This is the 2nd year River City Women’s Racing, Ride Kore, REI and RVA MORE held Take a Kid Mountain Bike Day. Thank you to all the volunteers, supporters and to the participants for coming out. This shows how a cycling community can come together and make it even better.

October Club Meeting

Out October Club Meeting and Social will take place at 6pm on Tuesday, October 21st at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.  Come on out and learn more about what we do and how you can help.

2408 Ownby Lane Richmond, VA, 23220


Did you enjoy Trailicious 2 last Winter? Would you like to see it happen again? We’re looking for someone to coordinate this year’s event.  We have lots of individuals with expertise in lots of different areas, but we need someone that can pull it all together?  Are you that person?  If so, emailinfo@rvamore.org and let us know!

Scout Camp Trail Festival

Saturday November 8, 2014

If you’ve never ridden the trails at the Scout Camp, then now it your time to try them.

The day starts with at 8:30 with trail work to reroute a short section to preserve the Scout’s nature trail.

The rides will start at 12:00.  There will be rides for those familiar with the trails and guided rides for those that are new to the trails.

The Sierra Nevada beer garden will open at 11:30 and anyone who works the entire trail work session will get their first beer free. You will be happy to know that ALL of the proceeds from beer sales will go directly to the trail fund.

Presented by: GroundForce IT – RVA MORE – Richmond ASR – Sierra Nevada


What are we doing well?  What can we do better?  Let us know.  We’ll be sending out a survey in the coming weeks.  Please respond and lets us know how we can better serve the mountain biking community.