Scout Camp Trail Work

Earlier this Winter we started on a trail reroute out at the Scout Camp in Goochland. Then it started raining and snowing and we never got a chance to finish it. Well, it looks like good weather this weekend, so we’re going to be out at the Scout Camp at 9am on Saturday, April 12th.  We have about 75 ft. of pretty easy trail cutting to do and we’d love to be able to finish it up so that we can move on to other projects.

Meet at the Cub Camp pavilion at 9am. Bring water and gloves. We’ll see you there!

RVA MORE supports the GRBC stance on City Budget

Mayor Jones has committed to building bike infrastructure. So shouldn’t the City budget for it?

Since RVA MORE has signed up to support the Greater Richmond Bicycle Coalition mission of “building a Richmond region that is bikeable for everyone,” we know you understand the importance of dedicated bike infrastructure. New bike lanes are some of the least expensive road construction there is, and just $3 million in the City’s budget could build the first phase of a city-wide network that connects people from where they live to where they work, shop, learn, and play. Now is the time to act on it. 

  1. Use this link to send a message to City Council
  2. Share the link with your members, social media, and mailing lists

We have a year and a half before the 2015 UCI Road Cycling World Championships come to Richmond, and now is the only chance to secure the funding in time to have some of these projects on the ground before hundreds of thousands of spectators visit and millions watch on television.

Now is the chance to make a real, on-the-ground improvement for bike riders in your community. In order to build the network of bikeways Richmond needs, City Council needs to:

  • Allocate $3 million in the FY 2015 budget to fund it
  • Not rely on federal grants, which cannot be guaranteed in this time of urgency
  • Allocate $3.5 million for the Brown’s Island Dam Walk component of the Riverfront Development Plan for a safe and convenient crossing of the James River

Click here to let City Council know your organization wants a city with bike infrastructure for our customers, constituents, and families, and please SHARE WIDELY >>

Thank you for helping to build a Richmond region that is bikeable for everyone.


Greg Rollins
Greater Richmond Bicycle Coalition

IMBA Trail Care Crew visit

20140330-IMG_0315Last week the IMBA trail care crew came to Richmond. Lori and Jessie – aka Jlow spent 3 days in here talking about how single track mountain bike trails make better communities. They spent their time talking about the economic benefits, the health benefits and how much fun it is to ride trails. Humans love to go places, our freedom gene must be the driving force the get us to spend incredible amounts of time and money on bikes and building trails. The class on Saturday had 50 folks from all over Virginia and someone as far away as West Virginia. Two sessions on Friday talked about how trails build and strengthen communities. They also went over the basics of sustainable trail design.
Richmond has a growing mountain bike community and volunteer base that wants to see more trails. This IMBA visit was an answer to the need to understand how to build sustainable trails how to advocate for more trails to ride and how to maintain the current system. Anyone that is interested in helping to grow the available areas to ride and also with fundraising and managing these valuable resources please connect RVA MORE at

Bell Built Grant

The Richmond Regional Ride Center has been named an East Coast finalist for a $33,000 Bell Built Grant.

The project that receives the most votes from each of the three regions will win one of the three Bell Built grants.  Voting for the East Coast will run from May 5th through May 18th.

IMBA Trail Care Crew

The Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew is coming to the Richmond area.

On Saturday, March 29th, the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew will be holding an IMBA Trail Building School at Pocahontas State Park.  Starting at 9am, there will be an indoor session at the Heritage Center, then the class will move outdoors for hands on work in the afternoon.

All events are free of charge, but we ask you to please register in advance at

They will also be putting on two seminars targeted towards land managers and community leaders.

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Belle Isle Take 2

With the work area in a very flat area on top of the island and the almost certain rain today, we’ve deeded to call off trail work for tomorrow. We wanted to get the word out early. See you at Trailicious Saturday night!

We’re going to try again to do a trail reroute on the top of Belle Isle. The weather for Friday doesn’t look great at the moment and could leave things a sloppy mess again, so we’ll post any cancellation messages to the website by Friday evening.

We’ll be hand building a reroute around a large mud puddle.  If we have extra hands, we’ll send a group or two to clear out drains on Buttermilk.

Meet on the top of Belle Isle at 9am – take the service road up and you’ll see us.

When: 9am Saturday, February 22nd
Where: Top of Belle Isle

Belle Isle Trail Work

Due to wet conditions, we’re cancelling trail work this weekend.

Thank you everyone that came out last week to help us at Dogwood Dell. You helped turn a 2 weekend project into a 2 hour project.

This weekend, we’ll be working with the VCU Cycling Club on trail reroute on the top of Belle Isle. We’ll be hand building a reroute around a large mud puddle.  If we have extra hands, we’ll send a group or two to clear out drains on Buttermilk.

Meet on the top of Belle Isle at 9am – take the service road up and you’ll see us.

When: 9am Saturday, February 15th
Where: Top of Belle Isle

Dogwood Dell Trail Work

Trail work – Dogwood Dell. Meet at the Pump House at 9am on Saturday, February 8th.

We will be hand-building a re-route, approximately 150’, that gets us around the muddiest area on the trail.

If we have enough people come out to help, we’ll send small groups around the loop to clean out/drain the many mud-holes that have formed in the bottoms of the dips. If we have even more time/man-power we’ll send a group down North Trail to do the same, perhaps all the way to the Maymont Ramp. That would set us up nicely to continue next week with groups starting at North Bank and Tredegar working towards each other.

The trails need our help, please try to spare an hour or two (or more) to get them back into shape so they’ll still be fun to ride once they dry out again.