rvaMORE – is Thankful! This Thanksgiving

rvaMORE has so much to be thankful for. First and foremost we are thankful for all the volunteers. We could not have done this without everyone’s hard work and financial support!! Thank you!
Here are the top ten things rvaMORE volunteers accomplished for your trails in 2015.
1. Trailicious:
Over 250 attended the event held at the Hardywood last February. We had beer, food raffles and a band. It was a great time for the community to get together and talk bikes. We raised $4,000 at this year’s event.
2. Pocahontas State Park
June this year we completed 7 miles of new trail in the Swift Creek area of Pocahontas Park. This project brought the needed beginner and handcycle trails. Also this system is a lot of fun in it for advanced riders with rollers and berms. The total funds raised to build this first phase were $325,000. A big thank you to the following donors: Altria, Dominion, Mead Westvaco and private donors.
3. Trail work
Winter started off with a new section of Buttermilk and 3 bridges that completed the route out at Ancarrow’s. This fall the Slave Trail now has a bypass. Scout camp volunteers took out a marshy area and moved it to dryer ground. At Deep Run three new boardwalks were built and reopening of Dorey Park.
4. Tour de Fall Line
This September, rvaMORE held the second annual Tour de Fall Line. We had over 150 attend and ride along the James and stay for the after party. The ride offered 14, 28, and 50 mile loops that connected parks from Chimbarazo all the way to Larus Park. At the finish on Mayo Island was Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, Mellow Mushroom Pizza (supplied by RVA Racing) Several craft Beers, and music by Josh Small and Andrew Ali. This event raised $4,000.
5. Ride Center
This past August IMBA awarded Richmond Virginia Bronze Ride Center Status. This puts Richmond on a list of top mountain bike destinations. The Richmond area has over 70 miles of single track mountain bike trails and 7 miles of handcycle friendly trail.
6. Tools
This year we purchased a tool trailer and a Ditch Witch SK 500. Both have been vital in putting the 7 miles of trail at Pocahontas and a single place to store and deploy rvaMORE’s arsenal of vital tools to build your trails.
7. IMBA Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day
A big thank you to Greg Mika and his crew from RVA Racing that held the rain delayed TAKMBD at Pocahontas. It was great to see over 30 kids from 3-17 years old out on bikes and using the new trails.
8. Trailbuilding class
16 volunteers came out and learned how to build and reclaim trail. They also moved a section of trail in Forest Hill Park. Some of the topics covered were use of tools, sustainable techniques and trail design.
9. Deep Run & Dorey
This summer rvaMORE signed an agreement with the County of Henrico to work on trails, We open 2 miles of trails in Dorey and 3- 5 miles in Deep Run. This agreement took rvaMORE 11 years to make happen.
10. Belle Isle
The pump track on Belle Isle has been moved and rebuilt. The work was performed by the City Trails Department. If you are using that pump track and want to help, please email us. We also purchased a service stand that was placed on Belle Isle, just like all the others around the city.
Don’t forget rvaMORE sponsors serval rides here on our meetup page
We are always looking for help to. Please send an email to info@rvamore.org to let us know how you are able to help.
Thank you Richmond for supporting your trails!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Deep Run Trail Work

Saturday, November 21, 2015

We’ll be back working at Deep Run Park in Henrico County this weekend.  Last time we finished up a 144′ boardwalk.  This weekend, we’ll be working on a pair on 24′ boardwalks to bridge over the perennially muddy sections of the park a to help complete a beginner and family friendly loop around the perimeter of the park.

We’ll be meeting up a different parking lot this weekend.  Please park in the first lot on the right as you enter the park.  Look for a black BMW wagon on the left of the parking lot entrance.  If you arrive after 9am, just follow the trail along Ridgefield Pkwy. to the work site.

If you have any battery powered drills, please bring them as they will come in handy.  If not, then just bring work gloves, water and sturdy shoes.

Thanks for your help on this project.  Getting mountain bike trials back in Henrico County has taken a lot of advocacy so now’s a great time to give back and show the county how much we appreciate them allowing us back in the parks.

Ancarrow’s Trail Work

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

This week we’ll be finishing up work on the new connection trail between the flood wall and Ancarrow’s Landing.  A lot of work got done last week, so this week will be mainly finish work – we expect it to take 3 or 4 hours.  Meet in the Ancarrow’s parking lot at 9am and bring water, gloves and sturdy shoes.

Trail Work Doubleheader

This weekend we have two different work projects in two different parks.

Deep Run

Boardwalk work will continue at Deep Run Park this weekend.  REI is sponsoring this event and supplying their new stewardship t-shirts to all volunteers.  We’ll be completing the decking on the new 144′ boardwalk, then starting on 2 new shorter boardwalks and some new connecting trail.

Deep Run Park is located on Ridgefield Parkway off of Gaskins Road near the I-64 interchange.  Once entering the park, go all the way to back parking lot by the playground and ball field.  We will be in the woods at the back left of the ball field.  Take the path around the right side of the fields.

We’ll start at 9am and work until around 1pm.  Bring water, gloves and sturdy shoes.

Ancarrow’s Landing

In the City, we’ll be working down at Ancarrow’s Landing to build a bypass trail around the parking lot and avoiding the Slave Trail.  Meet at 9am in the parking lot at Ancarrow’s Landing.

Deep Run Trail Work

Saturday, October 31st
This weekend we’ll begin out trail work season at Deep Run Park in Henrico County.  This will be our first work day out at the park where we plan to revamp the existing trail system.  Our first project will be building a 200ft. boardwalk to bridge over a perrenially muddy section.

Deep Run Park is located on Ridgefield Parkway off of Gaskins Road near the I-64 interchange.  Once entering the park, go all the way to back parking lot by the playground and ball field.  We will be in the woods at the back left of the ball field.  Take the path around the right side of the fields.

We’ll be getting started at 9am and working until around 1pm.  Please bring gloves, water and sturdy shoes.
Upcoming Projects

We’ll be working for at least the next two weekends at Deep Run Park (possibly more), so after that, what next? Here’s a list of trail projects that we have planned for the Winter:

  • Completion of a bypass trail from under I-95 to east of Ancarrow’s Landing parking lot to get riders out to the ”Poop Loop” without having to use the Slave Trail and avoiding the parking lot/boat ramp completely.
  •  New features added to, and an expansion of the Belle Isle Skills Park.
  •  Begin to start addressing the perennial mud-holes on the “Poop Loop”, making it more usable in the winter months.
  •  Several mid-size armoring projects in Forest Hill Park.
  •  Re-benching and re-establishment of grade dips system-wide, especially on North Bank below Texas Beach parking lot.
  •  Add clay to and re-shape the dips and rollers on Dogwood Dell trail in hopes of preventing the perpetually muddy bottoms of the dips.
  •  Close down and re-vegetate numerous cut-thru’s and social trails that have popped up this past summer.
  •  And much more !!!

We can’t do this all without your help, so please come out to a trail day this year and lend a hand in making our local trails great.

We also have mid-week trail work opportunities.  If interested, please email info@rvamore.org


2015 Take a Kid Mountain Bike Day

On Saturday October 24th, volunteers from RVA Racing, rvaMORE, and Friends of Pocahontas held the 2015 IMBA “Take a Kid Mountain Biking” event at the new Swift Creek trail system, which provided a perfect launch for an event that is meant to inspire and encourage youth mountain biking.  Typically held on the first Saturday of October, this event was rescheduled due to wet trail conditions.  From 2-5pm, over 30 participants including kids and parents were guided along the Gateway, Blueberry Hill, and Bell Lap trails, all part of the latest trail system built specifically for offroad hand-cyclists and beginner mountain bikers, located at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield County.  Onsite bike tune-up support was provided by Richmond Bike Studio and promotional materials and prizes provided by IMBA and REI.  For information on other events and to watch for next year’s “Take a Kid Mountain Biking” event, check out rvaMORE’s website, http://rvamore.org/.

Photos from the event:  https://gregmikaphotography.smugmug.com/Client-Photos/TAK-MTB-at-PSP-2015/

Press Release Richmond Attains Bronze IMBA Ride Center Status

In 2004 several Richmond mountain bikers wanted to ride more than the 2 or 3 miles of adopted/pirate trails on the south side of the James River in Richmond Virginia. Working with the park manager and MORE (Mid Atlantic Off-road Enthusiast) the IMBA club in the Washington DC area, they formed rvaMORE – Richmond’s trails advocacy group. Relying on volunteer efforts and donations, the trails grew from a few miles to over 38 miles of trail within the City of Richmond. These trails, built mainly in under-used wooded green spaces in the park and brownfields between the adjacent neighborhoods and the river, have received national praise and press from the outdoors community. In addition to the well known James River Loop, the trails extends into neighborhood parks on both the north and south sides of the river and include small dirt jump park and a bicycle skills area.

In 2012 the community again came together to build a legacy cycling project for Richmond 2015 – the UCI World Road Cycling Championships to be held in Richmond September 19th to the 27th. The proposal was to build a new system of trails at Pocahontas State Park. rvaMORE partnered with IMBA, Virginia DCR, City of Richmond and Friends of Pocahontas Park, developed a plan and raised the funds and make this vision happen. More than simply building more trails, the vision was to build types trails that did not exist in Richmond and to give access to handcycles. Over $325,000 was raised over the course of 2 years and this past year, 7 miles of new handcycle, family-friendly and beginner level flow trail were built at Pocahontas. These trail officially opened this past June.

The designation of IMBA Ride Center Bronze Level status makes Richmond the only true urban Ride Center where mountain bikers can access great single track trail from their home or office by bike. Richmond’s urban trails bring access to the community in a way that remote trail systems cannot – no need to get in a car to access trails in remote locations, just ride your bike from home. The Richmond Ride Center is about access to all levels of great mountain biking trails, pump tracks, dirt jumps and true access for offroad hand cycles.

For more information, visit http://rvaridecenter.com/

Contact Greg Rollins info@rvamore.org


Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day


2015 Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Rain Date – Saturday, October 24th.  Sign up here: http://takmtb2015poca-raindate.eventzilla.net/

rvaMORE will be hosting its annual Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day on Saturday, October 3rd.  This year we’re excited to announce that we have two event locations.  At 9am, we’ll have an event at the Belle Isle Skills Area supported by Ride Kore and River City Women’s Mountain Biking.  Then at 2pm, we’ll be at Pocahontas State Park with RVA Racing.  Event space at both events is limited, so sign up early!

For more information and to register, please visit: http://rvamore.org/events/take-a-kid-mtb/

Volunteers Wanted

In order to make Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day a success, we need a few more volunteers.  You don’t need to be an expert mountain biking to help out – and you may even learn some new mountain biking tip & tricks while you’re out there.  If you can lend a hand at either event, please email info@rvamore.org